Why it is so Important to Follow-up with your Customers

I subscribed to a gym some time ago and for reasons I can’t even really put together, I stopped after the first month. After a few weeks someone asked me if I got a call from the gym asking me why I stopped and telling why I need to subscribe again. I know my details were taken on the first day. The question is “What did they intend to do with it if they would not follow up?”

Now to you, “what are you doing with the customers’ details you collect at your business?”

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No one owes you unwavering allegiance and therefore can and will forget you if you keep forgetting to follow up.

What do you think DSTV does when they keep in touch with you on every matter. Your business is not that big and you feel reluctant to follow up?

From pepper seller to multinational corporations, everyone needs to put together a follow up strategy deeply entrenched in their business policy.

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Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone Call are effective methods to reach your clients for repeat purchase.

I know you have access to these but why won’t you won’t use them?

Develop a Follow Up strategy that includes how you will get your customers’ data, how you will follow up (content, advert etc) and at what frequency.

By the way, I’m in a new gym right now – not because the previous one didn’t follow up but because I simply had a new allure. In retrospect, if they had kept in touch, I could have kept my subscription even of just to honour their tenacity.

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