Codewell Website Maintenance Company in Lagos, technical support team with our full-cycle customer support services is always there to ensure your online business are still alive.

A website, of any kind needs to be maintained in order to keep the website content current. For this purpose, some websites need daily updates whereas the others may need periodic maintenance only. Maintenance of a website includes editing, revising or sometimes changing existing web pages to keep your website updated with freshest and up to date content.

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The Process

This periodic addition of new web pages is also part of website maintenance services; and is the rule by which search engines list sites change constantly. If these rules are not taken into account and are not updated then a web site can easily get “buried” in search engine listings.

Website maintenance has become a must these days. Even if the servers are offering 99% uptime, yet it is important to check the forms and mail links; At least once weekly to be double sure that the enquiries are being forwarded from the website perfectly in an orderly fashion. Thus, we offer you cost-effective website maintenance and takes on the task of routine website maintenance to existing web sites and make whatever changes needed as per requirement and time. Outsourcing your web site maintenance makes you free from the regular updates and expansions.


The Purpose

You must know that Websites are not intended to be static even if they are built as a static website. Value of a practice website is the ability to maintain current information online at a reasonable and economic cost. Hence, we assume that you will want to revise some or all of your web pages over time; and even would want to add additional web pages according to your business needs. In order to assist you in maintaining current information online we offer many options for website maintenance.

codewell website maintenance company lagos

If you think and believe you will be making regular changes to your website over time; you can save money by getting into a website maintenance contract with Us. A website maintenance contract usually lasts for a span of one year unless you want to enter into a contract for a longer duration. Monthly charge for this maintenance is based on the size of your website at the time when the contract is signed. Our maintenance contract may be used to update your online newsletters, emphasizing different services on a rotating basis. It may also be for promoting time sensitive programs, workshops or even services.

Under our website maintenance contract, you are entitled to make an unlimited number of text revisions to existing web pages. It includes redesigning of web pages, adding or deleting or even editing graphics on the web pages.