Codewell designs beautiful, interactive sites that generate conversions and sales. We approach web design with a blend of strategy and creativity. We build websites that produce measurable results while being visually appealing to users. From innovative startups to Fortune 300 clients, our creative driven designs help clients boost conversions and grow their brand online.


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On all website design projects, we deliver with a well-established process and a partnership approach.

The design process starts with in-depth research to identify key audience groups, competitors, and elements of layout and design that will ultimately drive users toward specific conversion points. The process includes identifying and listing key features and functionalities, and creating a sitemap and wireframes for critical pages.

The design team implements the strategy, paying careful attention to project goals and objectives, user experience, and consistency with the client’s brand. While the team prides itself on creative design, we avoid creativity for creativity’s sake—the most important concern is always what engages the target audience.

Once design is completed, the development team uses its coding expertise to bring the designs to life. Interactive elements are coded and tested to ensure the site is realizing the strategists’ and designers’ vision.

After a thorough testing period, the new website is launched. After launch, testing and tweaking continues, and we can also recommend an ongoing analysis of the site’s performance to determine whether adjustments are necessary to enhance user experience.

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